3D Digital Plastic Surgery System

" Know The Present And Foresee The Future"

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3D Digital Plastic Surgery System

Present Precise Simulation Before Surgery

AI Energized The Process And Make It Better

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3D Digital Plastic Surgery Hospital

Cloud Storage

View real-time data through Computer to Mobile phone。

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3D Digital Plastic Surgery System is a virtual simulation software specialized in the medical aesthetics industry to achieve simulation before operative and quantitative evaluation after operation. The 3D digital plastic hospital management system built by this software not only improves the experience of customers, but also helps the hospital to collect 3D image data. It plays a positive role on transforming the diagnosis and treatment mode and improves the hospital efficiency.


Collection Module

Scan and model the data in 2 seconds; Operate easily with friendly interface; The system can realize fully automatic input of customer information, and generate 3D models in 11 seconds. It realized function of data collecting from face, chest, hips and abdomen.


Consulting Module

The system automatically calculates 60 items of data, and gives a detailed "Aesthetic Report" based on the common aesthetic standards of medical beauty for the reference of designers and customers. It solves the problem of verbal communication and makes the communication visual.


Design Module

The system coming with a smart shot, watermarks and screen-recording features helps comparison between preoperative and postoperative, which saves time and improve the hospital overall work efficiency. Medical version system, precising to ± 0.1 ml , is an effective measurement tool for case studies.


RT module

Simultaneously transmits the image to high-definition television, and displays the surgical design during the operation. The image can be retrieved through the QR code on the client's profile.


In the process of research and development, we have absorbed a large number of suggestions from plastic surgeons, and continue to improve the availability through practical application. We believe that excellent products must be the result of customer screening. Let us hear what they say.

President Yu Jiang, Dalian Medical University

Yu believes that 3D digital plastic design can provide precise and quantified design solutions, which is a trend.

Dean Jiao Junguang, Nanning Beauty Focus hospital

Jiao believes 3D digital camera should be the necessity for plastic surgery hospital. Doctors can format effective communication with customers through this digital device

Ms Zhu, General Manager of Chengdu Shengdanfu

Zhu believes that 3D camera allows customers to predict the effect after surgery, which brings wonderful experiences to them.


Our Clients

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