Design module

The design module includes simulation and contrast and analysis of sub-modules. The built-in intelligent screenshot, watermark, and screen recording functions improve the overall efficiency of the hospital. The medical version, including the calculation of medical glass uric acid, fat absorption rate, in which the result reaches to 0.1 ± ml, is an effective measurement tool case study.

Software functions

The 3D design module is used to form 1: 1 model basing on the data. No need to mark on faces and others, and customer is informed with the model. Software supplies design on these six parts.

Eye beauty

Inner-corner open, outer-corner open, dilate eyes, eye height, eye distance, tilt, double eyelids, eye corner lift and eyebrows.

Nasal beauty

Padding mountain root, nose bridge, nose tip, nose wing and size.

Breast beauty

Fixed point, measurement, breast augmentation with prosthesis, breast correction, mastectomy and others.

Face beauty

Abundant temples and forehead, risorius shaping, double-chin elimination and thin face.


Whitening, skin rejuvenation, freckle, cured pox , select whitening and rejuvenation constituency.

Plastic contrast

Split-screen contrast, cross-section contrast , data contrast and color contrast.